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Requires 100 contacts on VHF bands (50 MHz and above) with 100 different stations, at least 70 of which must be Australian stations. Separate awards will be issued for each different VHF/UHF band. Contacts ust have been made on or after 1 June 1948. The same rules apply, as in the previous award, where the applicant moves to a new location in excess of 240 km from the old.

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1) The object of The Rally Australia is to travel around Australia by Amateur Radio, making progressive contacts as you go. Valid contacts are those made on or after October 1 1986 (2) The award is available in two grades. (a)The BASIC Award is a two colour certificate printed on parchment style card. (b)The ENHANCED Award is an etched aluminium plaque in gold on a black background. It will be engraved with the recipients details. (3) The two grades are totally seperate awards. It is not necessary to complete the Basic Award before attempting the Enhanced Award. Contacts made for one Award do not count toward the other. (4) BAND and MODE endorsements are available. Packet contacts are valid. (5) Short Wave listeners are eligible to participate in these awards. These rules, with the inclusion of the callsigns of both stations logged apply. (6) BASIC RALLY AUSTRALIA AWARD. (a) This award requires contacts with 25 Cities and Towns around Australia. (b) The FIRST and also the FINAL contact must be with a Redcliffe Radio Club member. These contacts are deemed to be the Redcliffe checkpoint regardless of the members QTH. (c) THE FOLLOWING CITIES ARE MANDATORY CHECKPOINTS: Redcliffe, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Mount Isa, Townsville, Redcliffe. (d) A further two contacts in each of VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, and VK6 with a further one contact in each of VK1, VK7, and VK8 made in progressive orderwith the mandatory contacts. (e) The Rally may be run in either direction. ie Redcliffe-Sydney etc or Redcliffe-Townsville etc. (7) ENHANCED RALLY AUSTRALIA AWARD. (a) This award requires the accumulation of 1000 points from progressive contacts throughout Australia. (b) Contact with all the mandatory checkpoints (as per the Basic Award) are required. (c) Points awarded for contacts within VK1-20pts, VK2-10pts, VK3-10pts, VK4-10pts, VK5-10pts, VK6-10pts, VK7-20pts, VK8-20pts.

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